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Starting a new fan fic

I am starting up another fan fic and when I woke up this morning I had and Idea for a good emotional starter . So without further Ado here it is.

Alone Again.Collapse )

Writer's Block: Sick Day

What is your favorite thing about being sick?
 Sleeping, drinking oranje gatorade and eating chicken and stars soup, but I hate being sick!
I just got back from being sick. I was sick for a week! here I am back at school and I am
wearing heels a really bad choice and now i am having a dizzy spell
and its all thanks to being sick!

Friends only

From here on in, I want to state that my journal is a friends only journal
Lj friends only 
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A new Story

 Note about story: Becky and Dante did hook up at mooby's, becky never got pregnant pregnant, but Dante and Randal did re open the quick stop, where becky and Elias now works.

Ch. 1

"well, well. If it isn't Randal Fucking graves" Becky had been waiting 
for Randal to show up at the quick stop for 3 hours. 

"where the hell were you? You're 3 hours late, I had to deal with customers that ask the most stupid ass questions I've ever heard."

Randal couldn't help but smirk, "Told ya that after being here long enough, you would hate the fucking customers."
Becky rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"So back to my original question. Where were you?"

"Go-karts with Dante" Randal Replied

"oh yeah, today was his day off. I forgot." 

"You Forgot?!? Why? Too busy thinking of me weren't ya? I hope you don't have a crush on me." Randal smiled

"Yeah Right Graves. Who would ever in their right mind have a fucking crush on you?"
What's your guilty pleasure?
 wow several:

Cheesecake with rasberry or cherry drizzle mmmmmmmm....... oh sorry lol
singing in the shower lol
walking in the rain at summertime
falling in love with someone who already has a gf..............
romantic novels and the twilight books by stephanie meyer


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Make sure that If you take any, Credit TornBabyB. Thanks and enjoy!!! 

What Do You Have To Say? - Dear Santa

What's on your list for Santa this year?
A sony cam corder, recording discs
voice recorder- EVP
an EMF detector
a new ipod nano- blue
and a car ^_~

other than that, I dont need anything else but my family for christmas.
Write about a literary character who changed you in some way.
well its more than 1 character.

ok lets see, they are : Sailor moon, Ichigo, Bella swan and edward cullens.
Sailor moon: taught me to defend for justice.
Ichigo taught me the same and that you should be truthful to theones you love.
Bella and edward taught me that the outside doesnt matter, love someone for who they are.
So what if Edward is a vampire?!? Heck, i'd date him.
Write about your best (or worst) birthday.
 My best birthday was my sweet 16th 2 years ago. We rented the town fire house and hired an awsome DJ. There was enough room to dance and I tied a bunch of baloons to my lower back which made me look like a peacock and I went around singing "im comming out" Like the guy did from the movie "Boat Trip"  Me and my friends were all dancing to "my humps" and laughing about the older people hearing it. lol. 

That birthday is also when I got my nintendo DS. It was the best birthday ever.

Writer's Block: Public Transit Nightmare

What has been your worst experience on public transit?
 Omg, 5th grade, My class was on the way to see the play Anne Frank. There was snow everywhere. The driver pulled over to let some cars pass and we got stuck in the snow. Next thing we know, the bus is tipping and kids are piling up on the other side to keep it level but its no use. Finaly another bus came and we emergency exited the bus to safety. That still haunts my dreams and I'm 18.